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How to Protect Seniors From Online Fraud and Phone Scams

January 21, 2021

EverSafe is honored to be mentioned in this article on using technology to protect the financial health of seniors. MORE >>

5 Senior-Friendly Apps to Organize Your Finances

January 20, 2021

EverSafe is happy to be noted as a senior-friendly app that helps clients organize and protect their finances. MORE >>

Washington Innovation Summit

December 4, 2020

EverSafe looks forward to participating on a panel titled "Privacy Protection: Fighting Fraud And Finding Financial Security" during the What's Next Longevity Innovation Summit. MORE >>

CX20 Beyond the Horizon

November 18, 2020

EverSafe's Liz Loewy will be presenting in a discussion on fraud targeting older adults at CSICX20. MORE >>

Designing Compliance for the Future

November 10, 2020

Liz Loewy looks forward to presenting during this virtual compliance conference. MORE >>

MLT Connect Digital Week

October 16, 2020

EverSafe's Liz Loewy is excited to discuss the Role of Technology & Longevity during MTL Connect Digital Week. MORE >>

Cybersecurity for Seniors: A Caregiver’s Guide

September 28, 2020

EverSafe is proud to be recommended in Morgan Stanley's cybersecurity guide for caregivers and seniors. MORE >>

Banking Online for the First Time Due to the Pandemic? How to Protect Yourself (or Your Loved Ones) Against Scams

August 6, 2020

Thank you Money Magazine for including EverSafe in this great article on why banking online can protect loved ones' life savings, especially during a pandemic. MORE >>