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Banks should do more to protect seniors from ‘grandparent scam’

Jan 14, 2020 - While banks do face challenges in their ability to interject with client behavior, protecting clients from financial abuse must be a top priority.

Scams targeting grandparents and seniors are getting more sophisticated, police and victims warn

Jan 13, 2020 - The Grandparent Scam isn't new...but perpetrators are now adding personal details to help make their lies even more convincing.

How courts and guardians exploit the elderly and their estates and get away with it

Jan 08, 2020 - There must be checks and balances in place for those assigned as guardians for vulnerable people to prevent fraud and negligence.

Suffolk Attorney Stole Over $300K From Elderly Client: SCDA

Jan 06, 2020 - A New York attorney abused his position as an elderly man's trustee and is now indicted for stealing $300,000.

Here’s Why You Should Never Shorten 2020 To 20 On Legal Documents

Jan 04, 2020 - Be sure to write out the new year completely to protect yourself from potential fraud.

New Internet Laws—US Privacy Laws in 2020

Jan 02, 2020 - Proposed legislation based around the gathering and management of our personal information is a hot topic in 2020.