Always Safe & Secure

EverSafe takes pride in keeping your information secure. No funds can be moved with EverSafe and no account numbers are stored.

Advanced Security

We are vigilant about protecting your data. You can be confident that your financial account information is always secure. We use 256-bit encryption to store and transmit data. Furthermore, our security practices are monitored and verified by Norton.

Read-Only Service

No money can be moved into or out of any of your accounts through EverSafe. In fact, we do not even receive the full account number and your online banking and financial institution usernames are never displayed after you enter them during registration.

Around-the-Clock Protection

We’re on the job 24/7/365. Your account information is protected by the latest security and technology. EverSafe monitors all of your accounts on a daily basis, sending alerts to you and your advocates as to suspicious activity, potential fraud or identity theft.