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You saved a lot of money for retirement. Now what’s the smartest way to spend it?

March 14, 2022

EverSafe's CEO Howard Tischler is quoted in this reprint of an article explaining how EverSafe can help trusted advocates stay proactively informed about a loved one's finances. MORE >>

Online monitoring of financial capacity in older adults: Feasibility and initial findings

March 10, 2022

EverSafe was chosen as the secure online technology platform used in the first reported study linking ongoing financial activity monitoring data with other measures of function and cognition of older adult participants. MORE >>

How Online Tools Can Help You Manage Your Money in Retirement

March 2, 2022

EverSafe's CEO Howard Tischler explains how EverSafe can help trusted advocates stay proactively informed about a loved one's finances in this article. MORE >>

Money mistakes could signal dementia

February 22, 2022

EverSafe and EverSafe CEO Howard Tischler are noted in this piece that examines ways to protect finances. MORE >>

5 Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Exploitation

January 26, 2022

EverSafe appreciates being noted in this AARP article as a tech tool that can help prevent financial exploitation of older adults. MORE >>

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse When Your Parent Is In Long-Term Care

December 17, 2021

EverSafe's Liz Loewy discusses ways to keep older adults who live in assisted care facilities safe from fraud in this Next Avenue article. MORE >>

Elder Fraud, Financial Mistakes and Caregiving

December 2, 2021

EverSafe Co-Founders Howard Tischler and Liz Loewy discussed financial health and caregiving with Collaborative Gain. MORE >>

Fraud Awareness Week

November 16, 2021

EverSafe's Co-Founder and COO Liz Loewy participated as a panelist and discussed Elder Financial Exploitation: Solutions and Support during the New York chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners event for Fraud Awareness Week. MORE >>