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Plan to drop thousands of caregivers from Veterans Affairs program put on hold

Mar 22, 2022 - The Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced that it is pausing the plan to eliminate thousands of families from the Program of Comprehensive Assistance to Family Caregivers, which provides a monthly financial stipend to caregivers of veterans.

New law aims to protect senior citizens from scams

Mar 18, 2022 - The Seniors Fraud Prevention Act, which will create a new office within the Federal Trade Commission to educate senior citizens about fraud, was recently signed into law.

Pressure Mounts on DOL for Fiduciary Rule Updates

Mar 16, 2022 - The Department of Labor was recently asked by multiple organizations to make changes regarding retirement investments and loopholes available to investment advice providers who may not have the best interests of their clients in mind.

Is It 'Pre-Alzheimer's' or Normal Aging? Poll Finds Many Americans Unclear

Mar 15, 2022 - Familiar symptoms such as forgetting words or misplacing items are considered a normal part of aging, but these behaviors are actually caused by mild cognitive impairment.

'Alzheimer's disease is the only illness where the person passes away twice.' Latino caregivers say they're facing more barriers

Mar 13, 2022 - Addressing the challenges Latinos now face in healthcare is the key to managing the future, in which Latinos are projected to see the largest increase in Alzheimer's and dementia cases.

National Slam the Scam Day Approaching on March 10

Mar 07, 2022 - National Slam the Scam Day, on March 10th, is an initiative that aims to raise public awareness about government imposter scams.