EverSafe® for ElderCounsel

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Your clients face a growing number of financial threats including persistent scamming, identity theft, and issues related to cognitive capacity. Fraud in later life is devastating, causing senior victims an average loss of $120,300. Guardianship and conservatorship actions often present issues with respect to identifying erratic or suspicious activity in auditing and accounting procedures. Contending with these challenges as a part of your trusts and estates planning is smart lawyering. EverSafe® is a proactive financial defense network designed to protect a lifetime of savings by safeguarding against financial abuse. A groundbreaking technology service, we monitor financial accounts, credit cards, credit reports, and the Dark Web daily for suspicious activity. Money can’t be moved and alerts are sent via email, text, voice, or the EverSafe App. If there is ever an issue, our experts will provide personal assistance with remediation, identity restoration, and referral to the appropriate resources in your state.


Perfect Tool for Financial Caregivers

Many clients are keeping an eye on more than their own finances—they have older and younger family members who may also need assistance with monitoring. Were you aware that there are over 18 million financial caregivers in the US?  It’s the new normal. EverSafe is designed to simplify financial caregiving by enabling your clients to designate “trusted advocates,” who can serve as an “extra set of eyes” and receive alerts if there is erratic activity in loved ones’ accounts or credit reports—or if their information has been found on the Dark Web. This exclusive EverSafe feature reduces the stress and time associated with financial caregiving—while protecting your clients’ money.

Enhanced Monitoring Means Protection

Wondering what to do in the wake of the recent data breaches? Simple credit monitoring is just not enough. Updated regularly as new intelligence becomes available, EverSafe alerts are based on a client’s historical financial behavior. We go beyond typical identity theft prevention and will send alerts for anomalies like missing repetitive deposits (social security and pension), unpaid bills, changes in spending, the opening of new depository accounts and much more. A winner of AARP’s Consumer Choice award for innovative products, our alerts are focused on issues related to aging and developed in consultation with Adult Protective Services, law enforcement, and financial services professionals.