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A financial safety net for seniors and their families

EverSafe protects older adults from fraud, identity theft and unscrupulous telemarketers. We securely monitor financial accounts and credit reports around the clock, alerting you to suspicious activity.

With account information and alerts all in one place, safeguarding your family's finances has never been easier.

Protect a lifetime of savings with EverSafe

EverSafe SVP speaks at the White House Conference on Aging

EverSafe General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Industry Relations Elizabeth Loewy was invited to speak at the White House during a panel discussion entitled Empowering All Generations: Elder Justice in the Twenty-First Century on July 13, 2015. The Conference speakers discussed a wide range of topics, including caregiving, financial security, technology and more. Please click here to see remarks from one of the industry leaders on elder financial exploitation.

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Protect a lifetime of savings

Industry-leading technology designed to combat financial abuse of older adults

Our proactive financial defense network helps detect:

  • Unauthorized credit card use
  • Unusual cash withdrawals
  • Missing deposits
  • Changes in spending patterns
  • Credit bureau activity
  • Identity theft & fraud
  • And much more

Seniors can assign trusted advocates to help monitor accounts

Guard your assets with EverSafe™


Your data is safe and secure in the EverSafe Vault TM

We're vigilant about security. Your personal information is encrypted and safeguarded in the EverSafe Vault. Funds cannot be transferred and account numbers are not stored. Our Two-key Protection provides customers with an extra level of security not found in most financial products.


EverSafe is designed for seniors and their trusted advocates

EverSafe's suspicious activity alerts were developed in consultation with experts on elder abuse, aging services, social work and banking.

Updated regularly as new intelligence becomes available, alerts are based on personal financial history and can be easily tailored. Read-only monitoring for trusted advocates is available.


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EverSafe Essentials
Account Monitoring
24/7 Financial Account Monitoring
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EverSafe Plus
Identity Theft &
Account Monitoring
1 Credit Bureau & Report
24/7 Financial Account Monitoring
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EverSafe Gold
Identity Theft &
Account Monitoring
2 Credit Bureaus & Reports
24/7 Financial Account Monitoring
$ 22.99 /month

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A product born from personal experience

Financial abuse of mother inspired EverSafe

Howard Tischler's mother was the victim of financial fraud. This led to the founding of EverSafe, the first technology-based service designed to address the elder financial abuse epidemic.

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Howard Tischler

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Trusted & Secure

EverSafe is subject to rigorous security assessments and our security practices are monitored and verified.