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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my alerts with family or other trusted individuals? Absolutely! EverSafe lets you designate others to receive alerts.
Do I need online banking to use EverSafe? Online access is needed for the financial accounts you would like EverSafe to monitor. If you do not have online access to any accounts you would like to monitor, please call 1-888-575-3837 and we can explain how you can set up online access for your accounts.
Is my account information safe? EverSafe does not store any account credentials or account numbers. No money can be moved with EverSafe.
Can I add/remove bank or investment accounts? You can make changes at any time. This also means that if you sign up for EverSafe and don't have all of your account information on hand, you can come back and finish later.
Can I sign up over the phone? You can start your enrollment over the phone. Once you are set up, we will send you a link for the identity verification process and completion of your enrollment.
Can I cancel anytime? Yes, you may cancel your membership at anytime by emailing customercare@eversafe.com or calling 1-888-575-3837.