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After a Data Breach: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

December 2, 2018

Here we go again. Marriott announced that their Starwood Hotels reservation data base, which includes all Marriott, Westin, Sheraton, W, St. Regis, Four Points, Aloft, Le Méridien, Tribute, Design, Element and Luxury Collection hotels, has been compromised. This breach, one of the largest in history, exposed the personal information of approximately half a billion people…. Read More

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2017 Data Breaches are a 2018 Danger and Beyond

February 15, 2018

MEMO TO FINANCIAL ADVISORS:  By Howard L. Tischler — As 2018 marches on, it might seem like the 2017 data breaches are old news. But don’t be fooled: For anyone concerned with protecting financial assets, big data breaches of the recent past are a clear and present danger in 2018 and beyond. Here’s why. The personal… Read More

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143 Million Impacted by Data Breach…Are There More?

September 13, 2017

Equifax’s recent announcement regarding a massive breach of consumers’ personal and financial information has many of us panicking about what to do next. The news that as many as 143 million customers may have had data such as their birth date, Social Security number, driver’s license, address and/or credit or debit card information fall prey… Read More

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What is Undue Influence?

April 14, 2015

A woman suffering from minor cognitive issues receives numerous calls from a telemarketer. It’s clear that she is confused and doesn’t understand the details of the sale. An older gentleman’s will has been consistent for decades, leaving the bulk of his estate to his children. A new aide begins isolating him from friends and family,… Read More

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Safeguarding Seniors—Q&A with Chuck Whitlock

November 25, 2014

What drew your interest in elder abuse? I was fascinated by con artists as a kid. When I was in college I was a police officer and found that most of the cases involving fraud were not prosecuted. I thought it was terrible that the people who could least afford to lose what they have… Read More

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Financial Abuse Within the Family

October 2, 2014

When thinking of elder financial abuse, the culprit is expected to be some mysterious stranger who swoops in to manipulate and exploit you. However, this is rarely the case. Studies show that 90% of elder abusers are actually members of their own families. Victims find it hard to recognize, accept, and report that the culprit is… Read More